Childhood Imagination

A gentleman commissioned me to draw a likeness of his child having an adventure with her favorite toys done in my sketch style.  It went over well and lead to a couple similar requests. Making these was a lot of fun because that was me as a kid...making up worlds and elaborate scenarios with my toys.  To this day, the first thing I think when I see someones backyard for the first time is "would this be a cool place to play with GI Joes?"   Funny thing is, the nicer the yard the more dull it to play in.  Give me a thicket of untrimmed trees and some washed out soil.  Hills and rocks wanted.  I think I may be justifying the poor condition of my back yard actually.  It's a GI Joe paradise.  Or GI Joe armageddon, depending on the play scenario.  Hell, my father in law has tons of abandoned farm equipment on his property and I always think it would have been heaven to play in as a kid.  Yes.  A giant bee infested, tetanus riddled heaven.  I've always been a bit jealous of the way farmers don't take their stuff to a salvage yard.  They put it "over there" and call it good.  Okay I'm wandering off topic.  Anyways these were fun.