Helen Stephens at the 1936 Olympics

Plenty to say but short on time so I thought I'd post another illustration for the Notable Missourian series of books for Truman State University Press.  This is Helen Stephens competing in the 100m at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  I don't think I've ever mentioned it but thank you to TSUP for permission to post these various works before the books are out.  The first three books go to press in a couple weeks and I can't wait to see how they turn out!   Okay...for being short on time and not planning to say anything I'm saying a lot.  This will not surprise those who know me. 

Back to painting...


Helen Stephens with the All American Redheads

After Helen Stephens returned from the 1936 Olympics, she began playing basketball with the All American Red Heads.  The Red Heads were a team composed completely of women with red hair.  Mind you most of it was dyed red, including Helens.  They would travel around and take on local mens teams in front of sell out crowds at venues such as high school and college gymnasiums.  They would make it a show too! 

Oh by the way this is another illustration for the Helen Stevens volume of the Notable Missourian series to be published by Truman State University Press.  Awesome pepes there!

Anyways, I think my brain was being sneaky with this one.  Without realizing it I put the only bona fide looking redhead on the opposing mens team.   

More soon.


Helen Stephens running to school

Another Illustration for the Notable Missourian series to be published by Truman State University Press.  This is Helen Stephens AKA the Fulton Flash.  She was an Olympic Gold Medalist (x2) and all around super athlete.  When she was a kid she did not have a track nearby to practice on, so to train Helen would jump ditches and fences and run through corn rows on the family farm.  She even outran her cousin...who was on a horse!


Helen Stephens composition sketch

This Notable Missourian (Truman State University Press) comp sketch is of Olympic gold medalist Helen Stephens, AKA The Fulton Flash.  She was one impressive woman!  As a teenager she lived on a farm where she would use her surroundings to train. She would race between cornrows, hurdle over fences and ditches and of course work her butt off doing farm chores.  She even beat a horse in a race to school!  This sketch option combines a bit of all of that.