Pride in the Home Team

When I think baseball, I think cheap seats but a great time!  The seats here don't look terrible, but while painting it I was thinking of the angle I'm most used to seeing at Kauffman Stadium while watching a Royals game.  The view from around section 403.  High up and left field.  Still for some reason its one of my favorite places to sit.  All that said this is not necessarily the Royals or Kauffman.  Cough.  We contacted the Royals about what we were allowed to do without having to pay royalties.  They said we could use the colors, but we had to make the ball park indistinct (couldn't show the big crown or fountains) and we couldn't show the Royals logo anywhere.  That may sound harsh to some but in reality that was very generous of them and awesome news!  I do wonder if the numbers are pushing it.  We are passing this back by them to get approval so the numbers may go away and this post may be different soon.  I do like how the numbers together are 85.  That was not intended at all but is a happy accident as the late great Bob Ross would say.