Kansas City BBQ and the Meat Sweats

Kansas City is famous for its BBQ which is often associated with a sweet, spicy sauce. For me its associated with the meat sweats.  What are the meat sweats you ask?  Well, the meat sweats are a phenomena  experienced when one consumes way too much meat.  Its not a typical sweat like you'd have on a hot day after running a few miles.  Oh no.  Its a clammy, gross, strange protest of the body.   Meat sweats are like an indication of my primal instincts gone wrong.  If I lived ten thousand years ago and successfully hunted a wooly mammoth, I'd think, "I'm going to eat as much as I can because who knows when the next successful hunt will be!"  Well my barely evolved brain still thinks that way despite the fact that I don't have to don a loin cloth and have badass atlatl skills in order to assure my next dose of protein.  So now when I get that strange  perspiration of gluttony, I remind myself that I don't need to eat the whole animal and  Its okay to take a break and eat some celery.  Now where's the ranch dressing?

Next time: Ranch Dressing Seizures

I really should have used this space to talk about the awesomeness of KC BBQ instead of my perspiration issues.  Ah well.

Here is a rough sketch of a Kansas City BBQ scene based on the atmosphere of the American Royal BBQ Competition.