Improv Art

Saturday I got together with some fellow artists in the studio of the amazing Laura Huliska-Beith for an improv art jam.  It was a wonderfully welcome reprieve from the careful crafting and problem solving of illustration.  I love those aspects of illustration, but I need the occasional reminder that standing in front of a canvas and going bananas (without overthinking) is one of my favorite things in the entire universe.  And lots not forget there's rocky road ice cream in this universe. The way it worked was we all wrote down words or phrases on scraps of paper and threw them into a "hat".  Every 10 minutes Laura would draw a new word and we would include it in the painting.  The words were:  line, high-contrast figure, jacket, big city skyline, sorrow, and rabbit hole.  At right is what I put together.  Not the best thing in the world but thanks to awesome company, great conversation and lots of laughs - I think I like it.