First Notable Missourian books complete!

I'm happy to announce the first two books of the Notable Missourian series by Truman State University Press have been printed and they look fantastic!  The books are SAM NIGHTINGALE by Mary Barile and GREAT WALKER by Greg Olson.  Original illustrations by yours truly, including the cover image for Sam Nightingale.  These books look fantastic.  The printing, binding and overall quality are superb.  Yes superb...and I don't bust out that word normally.  Moreover, these stories are very well written and truly bring to life these interesting characters and the time periods in which they lived.  Great stuff!

Big Neck's Trial

Here is the Chapter 5 illustration for the Notable Missourian book on Great Walker (Truman State University Press).  

The raid on Big Neck's village resulted in the deaths of three Ioway and three militiamen.  Big Neck and his band thought the village they were defending was located on ancestral land outside of the state of Missouri (and therefore not in violation of the treaty).  In fact they were about 20 miles inside of Missouri.  Big neck was brought to trial and quickly acquitted by a jury that believed it was an honest mistake.


Great Walker - Burial Gaze

Another chapter illustration for the Truman State University Press book on Notable Missourian Great Walker. This scene depicts Great Walker after a trip he and Ioway chief White Cloud made to sign a treaty with the government.  Great Walker thought the treaty was a bad idea and regretted signing away the rights to their ancestral land.  He painted his face black and mourned when they returned to Missouri.