I got to sign the wall!

I recently had a book reading and signing at the Vero Beach Book Center in Florida. It went great thanks to the help of the awesome employees and their amazing story time host! Whenever needed, she encouraged the kids to stand up and shake the wiggles out. I was a bit nervous so I would stand up and shake the wiggles out too. I gotta tell you that shaking the wiggles out business works! I think world leaders and CEOs should shake the wiggles out before important meetings. I’m telling you a world with the wiggles shaken out is a better world. Anyways after the event I was thrilled and honored to be asked to sign the wall in the stairwell. There were some heavy hitting illustrators with scribbles on that wall! Looking back at this photo I’m both proud…and wish I didn’t add the other four alien heads as afterthoughts. They don’t make sense with the (albeit simple) perspective. Oh well. Good times!