This manuscript/dummy revision is my main focus lately. I haven't wanted to post too much about it since I've been "figuring it out" but its super close to being done.  I'm at that point where I want to say "Good enough!" and start submitting it, but my gut tells me there is still work to be done.  And if there is one thing my gut knows, its tacos. Is that a non sequitur? YES but I'll make it work:  I can have a taco that appears yummy but if the meat is not quite done then my gut is going to reject it.  I guess what I'm saying is this manuscript looks like it could be a delicious taco, but the meat needs to cook a little longer.

Then of course there's the chance I got mixed up and made the tacos with dog food and no amount of cooking will save them.  

Wow, I really need to bail on this awful comparison.  Back to work.